Where is the second year Alameda County AB109 Criminal Justice Realignment Plan?

It is now December 1, 2012, the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year, and Alameda County has not approved its plan and budget for the second year of criminal justice realignment under AB109.  The consequences of this are many, but the most important is that without a plan, the County cannot initiate the process of contracting for the critical reentry services provided by community-based organizations.  Another consequence of lacking a plan is that we are without a plan to guide decisions about program and budget priorities for the current year.

At its October 1, 2012 meeting the Executive Committee, which is responsible for development of the plan for submission and approval by the Board of Supervisors, approved a proposed plan.  At the same time, the Executive Committee reviewed and approved a set of recommendations from the Procurement Committee which examined methods for expediting the procurement process for contracting with community-based organizations to provide services in critical areas such as employment, behavioral health care and housing.  For a copy of the proposed plan from the October 1, 2012 meeting and the recommendations of the Procurement Committee, see here (Procurement Committee for CCP Exec_9.17.12)

As reflected in my post of November 21, 2012, advocates were able to get the Board of Supervisors to postpone making budget allocation decisions at their November 20th meeting and, instead send the  allocations to the Public Protection Committee for consideration at their December 13, 2012 meeting.  Hopefully at that meeting the committee will review both the plan and the allocations so that they can be acted upon by the full Board at its next meeting.

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