Board of Supervisors Postpones Action on AB109 Allocations; Upcoming meetings

Coalition and Board Actions

Last week the Board of Supervisors’ agenda contained items requesting Board action on the allocation of year two AB109 funds at its meeting on November 20, 2012. The Alameda County Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform met on Thursday, December 16, 2012 and began a process of preparing comments and recommendations on the year two plan and proposed allocations, anticipating that we had some time to complete that process. The Coalition moved into action and prepared a set of interim comments and recommendations and sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors and Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee members requesting that the Board delay action on the recommended allocations Coalition Ltr to BOS on AB109 Allocations_11.19.12.  Our letter also included a number of recommendations, the most important of which is a call for the BOS to establish a funding formula which allocates a minimum of 40% of all AB109 funds to programs and services provided by nonprofit and faith organizations not affiliated with law enforcement of public agencies.  See our letter to the board for details on this and other recommendations.

 The ACLU of Northern California also submitted a letter to the Board expressing their concerns with the process of recommendations on allocations and whether the County could use $18.4 million of the AB109 funds to close a public protection budget gap Letter from ACLU to Board of Supervisors_Nov. 19 2012.

Many of our partners and others in the community spoke to the Supervisors to express their concerns regarding the budget allocations as well as the process and focus of AB109 Planning in the County.  Thanks to all who attended and spoke to the Board on this important matter.  Your presence and voices sent a clear message to the Board that we want AB109 realignment to be more than “business as usual” and are committed to working towards fair, just and effective criminal justice systems and practices in the County

Although the Board was poised for action, Supervisor Valle intervened with a request that the items be continued to permit the Public Protection committee, which he chairs, to consider the proposed allocations and provide an opportunity for public comment and participation before the allocation recommendations come to the Board.

 Upcoming Meetings

The next Public Protection Committee meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2012, 1:00pm in the Board Chamber at the County Building.

 In an effort to build out our coalition, we are scheduling a planning and strategy meeting for Dec. 4, 2012 from 9:00-12:00 at The California Endowment Conference Center at 1111 Broadway, 7th Floor.  At that meeting we will work on developing the Coalition, discuss the proposed second year AB109 Plan and allocation recommendations, develop our own proposals and plan strategy for the Public Protection Committee and next Board of Supervisors meeting when they consider the plan and allocations.

 Background Documents

To review the proposed year two plan, allocations and procurement committee  recommendations, see Procurement Committee for CCP Exec_11.19.12.

To review the agenda items on allocations recommendations from yesterday’s Board meeting, see the following:

The AB109 Agenda items include a general allocation letter from Acting CPO Harris (Item 30b) Probation_REC_ALLOCATION_YR2_AB109 FUNDS_11.20.12 as well as items from various agency directors including Health Care Services on the Realignment Innovation Fund (Item 30c) HCSA_Innovation Fund item_11.20.12, the Sheriff’s request for staffing funds (Item 30D)  Sheriff_Realignment_Budget_Adjustment_for_Detention_and_Corrections and Probation Dept’s request for staffing funds (Item 30E) FUNDING_PROBATION_STAFF_FROM_AB109 Funds

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